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The Privé Swiss Difference

A time-tested, well-proven change program that has been successfully helping our clients for over 18 years—we were one of the very first “boutique private rehab programs” in the U.S. and still maintain the highest level of care available to individuals today!   We continue to maintain a maximum of only 3 private clients at a time and stay true to our “quality before quantity” standard.

All services provided by highest credentialed professionals with an average of 20+ years expertise in their field – many of whom have been together on our Professional Team for over 15 years!  All recovery coaches are required to have a minimum of 15 years sustained sobriety.

We can offer you an intensive 2-4 week, all 1-on-1, private program (average length of stay is 4 weeks – by client choice!).   Your time is valuable—do not pay the cost and then have to go away for a 28-day group rehab when you can receive far more treatment/services in a shorter period of time—all customized to your specific needs and treatment goals. Without a doubt, you are assured the “most bang for your buck” and the most powerful, highly successful treatment program available today.

Health | Wellness | Personal & Professional Growth Focus

An integration of evidence-based traditional clinical services with evidence-based holistic/ complementary services for maximum impact –  we offer “unlimited” sessions so that each individual client receives a totally customized treatment experience — clients can schedule 5 private psychotherapy sessions per week, or 7 massages, or 5 acupuncture treatments – whatever is going to best benefit that individual client – all included!

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