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Substance Abuse and Addiction



Not satisfied with just helping you to stay “sober” (life is so much more than that!),  our specialty is assisting you to get back on that path of power, purpose, success!   Get Help Now!

Did you blow it again? Feeling beaten up and beaten down,  ashamed, hopeless? Were you only gonna have just one………and now you can’t  remember what you did last night?   Shaky and feeling like you’re going to  explode – or implode?   Weighed down by a heavy blackness? Embarrassed because  you keep “slipping” even though you are going to meetings all the time?

You don’t ever have to feel this way again. Recovery is definitely possible through customized treatment specific to YOU and your unique challenges.

At Privé-Swiss we provide Assessment and Treatment Specific to the Individual

Our approach focuses on the different types, severity, and other factors indicating a substance problem present in the Individual, and the determination of whether the individual is more of a “problem user” as opposed to what is commonly referred to as an “alcoholic” or “drug addict” before making treatment recommendations.  Simply said, if you’re not an “alcoholic” or “addict”, why go to a rehab or counseling for alcoholics and addicts where you will be accused of being “in denial” and forced into a cookie-cutter program based on treating alcoholics and addicts?

There is a big difference between someone who is experiencing difficulties in life due to excessive alcohol and substance use – abuse, and those that are “alcoholics” and “addicts”…and there are far more “problem drinkers” and “chemically dependent” individuals in the world who are not “alcoholics” and “addicts”.  (Not being able to wean yourself off of prescription medications does NOT make you a ” drug addict”!)   Through extensive testing, assessment, and personal interviews, our professional team can help you determine where you fall in the spectrum of “abuse and addiction” and provide  a course of treatment that will provide relief and lasting benefit in your life.  Get the right help now!

Our founder, Heidi E. Kunzli, MS, LADC, a long time recovering person (25 yrs) plus highly experienced licensed substance abuse/addiction counselor, ensures that each individual that comes to Privé-Swiss is properly assessed and a comprehensive treatment program is created specifically to address each individual client’s unique needs and treatment goals.  An intensive, integrated treatment plan incorporating ALL interventions and evidence-based treatments available is discussed with each client upon admission, and appropriate – effective – programming is implemented.  Our clients’ success is our success!  We work very closely with each individual in our care to effect optimum – and sustainable – outcomes and life long recovery!   With only 1-3 clients accepted in all private, 1-to-1 programs, there is no more intensive, personalized care available.

Privé-Swiss is NOT a group alcohol or drug rehab and is not an inpatient psychiatric program.  All services are provided by a team of licensed, highly credentialed and experienced professionals who maintain private professional practices serving the specialized needs of our clients.  All treatment professionals provide services specific to his or her area of expertise to Privé-Swiss clients ensuring the very highest level of expert care available!

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