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Privé-Swiss: The Club

A private, luxury gym specifically for the use of our Privé-Swiss clients.  Brand new, state of the art cardio & strength equipment, infrared & steam saunas, luxury locker room, private beach glass, rainhead showers…..and more!

 •       2 Peloton bikes, giving users access to 10+ live studio classes daily, and more than 3,000 streaming classes.  The bike controls and measures resistance, cadence and output, and tracks progress against the Peloton community.
•       Lifefitness Elevation Power Mill (stair climber), providing climbers of all levels with access to a slow and steady ascent, or quick HIIT workout.
•       Life Fitness Elevation Cross Trainer, offering an elliptical machine experience that mimics natural human motion.
•       Lifefitness Elevation Recumbent Bike, inviting users a cardio option with relaxed seat positions and proper pedal spacing.
•     2  Lifefitness Elevation Treadmills, giving users access to three consoles to keep exercises entertained and engaged while walking, jogging or running, and careful tracking users output.
•      Lifefitness Arc Trainer, providing an alternative-motion crosstrainer with 21 incline adjustments to mimic gliding, striding and climbing, that exerts less stress on the knees than daily walking.
•       Free weights, up to 60 lbs.
Plus   The Signature Series Dual Adjustable Pulley weight machine which offers a Console touch screen with more than 60 video demonstrations. The easy-to-follow videos show exercisers how to set up the machine and perform dozens of exercises, making the Dual Adjustable Pulley even more useful for people of all fitness levels.

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