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Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Clients come to Privé-Swiss from all over the world – many to participate in our intensive Dialectical Behavioral Treatment Program (DBT) and additional mind-body mental health services offered in the Privé Wellness Program.  DBT has been shown to be effective for several different mental health conditions, as well as being very effective for Young Adults.

What is DBT?

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is a type of cognitive behavioral treatment model developed by Dr. Marsha Linehan.  The goal of DBT is to transform negative thinking patterns and destructive behaviors into positive outcomes.

Individuals have the opportunity to examine a deeper meaning of their lives through the DBT process of recovery. They will set goals for themselves, incorporate activities they enjoy, and mindfully understand their process of struggle. Therapists work alongside individuals to empathize with their journey and to ensure self-compassion and mindfulness are a part of the recovery process. A positive self-identity is created in these sessions in which the person establishes self-compassion, acceptance, and an increased sense of self-worth and purpose.

Key areas of focus include:

Mindfulness: DBT helps individuals establish techniques for mindful eating and acceptance of the present moment. Patients will keep a diary and reflect on their moments of difficulty and success on their journey.

Distress Tolerance: Individuals will learn how to cope with situations that cause stres and anxiety by reframing their thoughts, implementing self-soothing techniques, and understanding the present moment.

Interpersonal Effectiveness: DBT helps individuals learn how to establish what they want and how to assess their needs while maintaining self-respect and healthy relationships with others.

Emotional Regulation: DBT seeks to aid individuals in how to understand, adapt, and change their emotions to improve their mindset and take positive actions.

At Privé-Swiss, the entire focus of our programs is on the unique Individual coming for care.  DBT sessions are all private, 1-to-1 intensive sessions, provided by Sandra Daignault, an expert in this treatment modality.

Sandra (Sandy) Daignault, LCSW is a licensed clinical social worker who brings to our clients over 20 years clinical experience, and a reputation as one of the top Dialectical Behavioral therapists on the east coast. She most recently created and directed the Integrative Behavioral Health Program at Middlesex Hospital, Middletown CT.   Previously, she was the lead group therapist and staff educator for well over a decade at Yale Psychiatric Hospital. She piloted and implemented what has been considered the most successful therapeutic program the hospital had ever offered as part of its psychiatric and addiction services. Sandy worked in both the inpatient and intensive outpatient service lines at Yale. Through her work at the hospitals, she has shown the importance of including psychiatric services as an essential component of providing the best wholistic health care – combining a mind and body approach along with working closely with primary care physicians helps patients to achieve maximum wellness.

Sandy Daignault is author of the book, “Come To Group!: an essential psychoeducational workbook for all psychiatric clinicians looking to educate and support their patients wellness”, 2013, a resource used by many DBT therapists across the counry. She has maintained a private practice for many years and has worked for, and with, several of the most respected psychiatrists in the field.

Call 800-866-2948 or 01-323-697-7278 (outside US) to find out more about our programs and the benefits of dialectical behavioral therapy for many mental health challenges.


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