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Lauralee Flaherty

Credentials: LPhD / RNP / LMFT

  • 25+ Years Experience
  • Licensed Nurse Practitioner, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
  • Specialty: Complimentary / Holistic Therapies, Trauma Release, Pain
  • Notable Achievements: Developed unique trauma release technique


PhD, California Institute for Human Sciences, CA
MA, Pepperdine University, Counseling Psychology 1990
PhD, Albert University Clinical Hypnotherapy, 2002
BSN, University of Dubuque, 1980

Advanced Specialized and Holistic Training including:

  • Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique ’01 Advanced Training
  • Chopra Institute Mind Body Medicine Auyvedic Training ’90
  • Julia Ross MFT / “Mood Cure” Amino Acid Therapy Training, ’01/’04
  • Infinity Enzyme Training Live Cell Microscopy ’98
  • Valerie McElroy, Jungian Analyst 5 years prerequisite Analytic Therapy: Dreamwork focus
  • Dr. Jane Goldberg Certification Expressive Art Therapy ’90
  • Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification, Orange Co. Ericksonian Society ’91
  • Cervantes Institute Apprenticeship in Transpersonal Psychotherapy ’91/’92
  • Energy Medicine Training Dr. Kam Yuen Grand Master ’01
  • Dr. David Hawkins ’03 Addictionology
  • REIKI Master, Caroline Nejedlo ’91
  • Healing Touch Level 3, Janet Mentgen RN
  • Energy Psychology Dr. Brad May
  • EMDR, 1990
  • Neuro modulation technique

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