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Legacy Young Adult Program

The Privé-Swiss Legacy Young Adult Program

Designed for the young adult (teenager or older) who is encountering problems with depression, anxiety, relationships, focus, motivation and drive, substance abuse, and other life challenges—all issues that effect this young adult from reaching their full potential.

The Privé Swiss Young Adult Private Rehab Program includes life coaching, career testing & assessment, goal setting, lifestyle management skills, motivational enhancement, life strategy mapping, self-esteem building and other services specifically applicable to individuals in their late teens/early to mid-20’s. This program is offered in a private residential setting with individual, 1-on-1 services that are highly structured and supervised.  Note that this is a small, very private program with only a maximum of 1-2 young adults accepted into the program at any one time – this is not a “group rehab” setting to ensure maximum focus on individual treatment goals, free from distractions encountered in a larger, group setting.

Privé-Swiss Legacy Young Adult Program may include:

Cost: Inquire

2-week minimum required | 3-week minimum if receiving psychiatric & medication management services

Additional Services Available. Psychiatrist / Physician and other Specialized Medical Care is charged separately and is in addition to the Program Fee set forth above. Extensive psychiatric / medical services and medication evaluation / adjustment averages $2000 per week and is payable to physician. Amen Clinic brain scans, testing & evaluation is an additional $6500-$9500. Items not included in the fees above include medications & vitamins / supplements, physician consultations, psychiatrist, any medical services, cigarettes, special food items, etc.

All services are private pay only – insurance not accepted.

Payment in Full prior to start of program and is nonrefundable.

Cash, US Bank Check, Wire Transfer Only.weebly reliable statistics

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