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Clarity Executive

The Privé-Swiss “Clarity Executive Program”

Our luxury Clarity Executive Retreat Program assists leaders in regaining and maintaining control of their lives – get back on track, enjoy life again and reach new heights of success.

Yes, you’ve been very good at achieving your goals, overcoming challenges, and obtaining success. You know how hard it is to maintain that edge, clear focus, and energy to be at your best and stay on top. Maybe you have encountered some hurdles and challenges that are causing you to lose your momentum and want to find a way to gain it all back. Our Clarity Executive Program could be your solution.


The Privé-Swiss Clarity Executive Program, with luxury accommodations at our Connecticut retreat, is specifically designed for the high functioning, high profile client that wants to “get in – get it done – and get out.” It is an intensive, targeted clinical retreat program for the motivated individual who is not seeking extraneous “soft” services — The Privé-Swiss Clarity client is a high achiever who has gotten derailed in his or her successful life and needs to get back on track – fast! All services are individual, 1-on-1. Privé-Swiss offers an exceptional wellness experience to last a lifetime – Expect the Best.

The typical Privé-Swiss Clarity client:

Individuals choose the Privé-Swiss Clarity Program because:

The Privé-Swiss Clarity Program Includes:

Psychotherapy = 2-3 60-min. sessions/week
Life | Executive Coach = 2 90-min. sessions/week
Lifestyle | Stress Management Coach = 2 90-min. sessions/week
Expressive Therapy = 2 60-min. sessions/week
Yoga | Meditation | Relaxation = 2 60-min. sessions/week
Recreation | Fitness Coach – 4-5 90-min. sessions/week plus 1/2 day recreation outing
Massage = 2 per week
Personal Chef, Housekeeping, laundry, linen service, private car, and 24/7 Staffing
All books, journals and other program materials
Daily off-site outing opportunities for visiting local villages, shopping, appts., etc.
Medication Management (if applicable)
Private accommodations in shared residence

Cost: Inquire

Comprehensive functional/bio-testing, assessment and treatment available at our Connecticut shoreline location with Dr. Dana Krete, ND. Amen Clinic Brain Scans and Assessment available at our CA location. Additional charges apply. Inquire.

Call or Email now – the Privé-Swiss Founder / CEO, Heidi Kunzli, handles all inquiries personally.

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