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Excellence in Private Mental Health Care
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Excellence in Private Mental Health Care
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Excellence in Private Mental Health Care
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Expect the Best.

A confidential and effective retreat to help overcome depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, trauma, addictions and other mental health challenges.

The Privé-Swiss luxury residential mental health treatment programs deliver exceptional levels of service and comfort at one of our private U.S. locations—ideal when privacy and discretion are absolute essentials. Each retreat is offered to only three clients and includes all one-to-one services with ultra-private luxurious accommodations. When quality, expertise and over 15 years of proven success matter, Privé-Swiss stands alone. Our clients are successful individuals who have become derailed by severe depression, anxiety, panic, insomnia, trauma, bipolar, PTSD, addiction/chemical dependency and other mental health challenges.

Our programs, proven to be clinically effective through decades of research and experience, deliver personalized one-on-one treatment for the high-functioning, successful individual who is facing mental health challenges. While some clients come to Privé-Swiss when they feel themselves just beginning to crumble, others reach psychological crisis and are no longer able to function before they seek assistance. We are here and we can help!

Many of our clients come to us after reaching the point where they are totally overwhelmed to the point where they are:

• unable to sleep
• unable to concentrate
• unable to break their destructive habits
• consumed by anxiety
• debilitated by depression
• unable to stop taking prescribed medications due to withdrawal

We protect every client’s privacy, and respect the status and achievements that each of our guests has attained. Our mission is to provide the absolute best clinical care and specialized therapies that can be found ANYWHERE, and deliver customized care in an atmosphere that is highly effective and productive, while retaining every aspect of comfort and luxury to which our guest clients are accustomed. From business and society to entertainment and sports, individuals, couples, family members young and old, we work with “super-achievers” and others who have gotten derailed from enjoying their full potential due to extreme burnout, difficult life transitions, depression, substance abuse, addictions, insomnia and other serious mental health issues.

Our international clientele is comprised of individuals who recognize quality, who seek an ultra-private, luxurious, personal treatment atmosphere, who are willing to invest in a program that leads to lasting results, and who expect the best treatment experience available. For these discerning individuals, Privé-Swiss is the only choice. Learn more…

State-Of-The-Art Treatment Programs

Privé-Swiss offers private programs in 3 exclusive locations!

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Is Privé-Swiss Right For You?

The typical Privé-Swiss client:
Is between 30-65
Manages his or her own or family business, or is a seasoned professional, executive, or other,  or the spouse/partner of said individual

Our Clients

Our Team Of Experts

Psychiatrists and Physicians working with Privé-Swiss clients are specialists in their fields. Medical professionals are referred based on individual client needs and treatment goals.

Meet the team
The Prive-Swiss program offers fantastic tools and professionals to assist those people that find themselves unable to handle life's problems or temptations. A two-week stay is a must to allow transition, counseling, reflection and a realization that you need a new map for your life.
S., Executive from Miami
Came for help with depression, professional issues and anxiety
It addresses the mind, body and spirit, the program gives you tools and hope to face the future. You can go out into the real world again as a stronger and better person.
K., Executive from Denver
I cannot express enough, and you know I was so very nervous it would not be, how satisfied and fulfilled I am with the caliber and professionalism of your Prive-Swiss team.
T., Entertainment executive from Canada
For the individual who is not content to lead less than an extraordinary life, this program may provide the best chance of rediscovering that spark for life that, once lost, leads one to problems and despair. If it's the extra attention you need to find your way, count on finding it here.
R., Attorney from Newport Beach
The thing I liked most about my stay was the kindness, compassion and genuine real concern about my needs and well-being by everyone - including the chef! Also the quiet, soothing environment, ocean view, etc. I liked the comfort of everything -- down to the sheets. Very relaxing atmosphere, wonderful, accommodating staff. The freedom to choose/plan my day.
P.& S., Couple from the east coast, film
Heidi has put together a retreat program like no other. I had one-to-one attention and coaching continuously. The program is perfect, balanced and is fit to the needs of the individual client. Heidi has brought together the staff and counselors that are obviously the best in their fields.
L., Physician from Philadelphia
The best, most dependable care I could imagine!
W., Photographer from Hawaii
I want you to know how grateful I am for the efforts that your staff made on my behalf during my stay with you. Although my visit was short, your powerful group impacted on me in so many ways, gave me many tools to consider and work with and hopefully a reminder of what's important in days, months and years to come.
A., Wall Street executive
Every aspect of the program contributed to a sense of well being. The tranquility in "unprogrammed" hours was a great aid in contemplation. The commitment of Prive-Swiss and its Team is clearly not to the business, but to genuine care for the overall health and welfare of the guest.
B., CEO from southern California
A gorgeous, relaxing and very healing experience. I would recommend to anyone needing time to heal! The professionals I worked with are phenomenal! Beautiful location -- thank you for the opportunity!
M., Pro athlete from Canada
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